Warning: It's SO GROSS

Micah's sleep issues are swinging around to the better side of the pendulum, and we're so very grateful. While he's sleeping better at night, and longer in the mornings, he's still a bit tired from the What? I Don't Need Sleep! phase. For that reason, when he's sleeping, we don't poke him. I've had to drive the boy to school for over a week because he's slept through the morning bus. Today, however, I decided that it would be a good day to poke the beast. He was rested enough to catch the bus, and he'd get to school on time. His teachers would be so happy.

Upon waking, Micah snorted the gunk that was clogging his nose, swallowed, and instantly started heaving. (Sorry. I know it's super gross. The boy hasn't mastered Nose Blowing 101 yet so this is what we live with.) I ushered him to a toilet where he stared into the water for a while before deciding to get on with his day rather than get on with heaving. I chose to send him to school, knowing full well he suffered nothing more than a cold, crippled by the fact that he can't blow his nose. Surely once he gets up and moving he'll clear out and stop heaving.

For the first time in a week, Micah caught the morning bus. I nearly danced back into the house. Besides the two sick boys barfing in the bathroom, it might just be a good day after all.

And then the school called. Micah was dry heaving at the breakfast table. Please come get him.

Seriously, he has a cold and that's it. But rules are rules and I trudged into town to pick him up 30 minutes after he caught the bus for the first time in a week. There is no winning this school game with him, apparently.

I took my not-sick boy to the grocery store to get Ginger Ale for the are-sick boys, and while there Micah decided it would be a very good time to work on that ball of yuck he was stabbing at earlier. He turned his head into the frozen chicken bin and started heaving. I had no choice but to hold out my hands as a better alternative, and he rewarded me with a handful of yellow slime. I was so amazed at the sheer quantity of the stuff that it overshadowed the grossness of the situation. (Plus I was in Mom Mode, and was detached from the situation. I'm skeeving now, if that makes you feel better.) It took 2 Kleenexes to clean off my hand, it was that much. And lots and lots of hand sanitizer. LOTS of hand sanitizer.

I think Motherhood should be featured on Dirty Jobs.

Maybe tomorrow Micah will catch the morning bus AND stay all day in school. One can only hope.

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Mary said...

Being a mom to boys is sure not a job for a sissy. Makes me gag to think about but I've totally been there. YUCK!