The Difference Between Moms and Dads

Sometimes I feel like an overly controlling mom when I don't completely trust Sam with the kids. I mean, they are his kids, too. I tell myself that if a job gets done, sometimes it's alright if it's not done my way. Sometimes I actually believe myself, too.

We were walking through the parking lot and Micah ran ahead to the van. I was bringing up the rear of our pack while Sam was in the front with Mr. I'm Always First. Mr. I'm Always First called shotgun (I think) and took off like a shot to get to the van before anyone else, because that's how he rolls. Life is a game, and he will be the winner. It was all fun and games until a car came. I watched it all happen.

The car slowly inched through the parking lot. Micah ran out into it's path. Sam stopped at the curb and yelled at Micah to stop. Micah did not. The car pulled into a parking spot well before it reached the point we were at. No harm was done and nobody was injured in the making of this blog post.

And that, my friends, is exactly WHY I don't always trust Sam with the kids. A mother (ANY mother) would have thrown herself between her child and the oncoming vehicle as she was yelling for him to stop. I mean, a speed bump the size of me would deter a car from going further and hitting my baby, and by golly I would have thrown myself under a wheel if I had to BECAUSE I'M A MOM.

Dads just don't get that. At all. It's why moms worry when they leave their children in the care of the man they married.

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