Easter Break and Other Things

My kids attend the school that I attended while growing up. (Shush with the backwoods hillbilly comments; I'm fully aware of what we are, and I'm okay with it.) I cannot vouch for what the school did in the 5 years before I started kindergarten, but I know that (to the best of my memory), there has been no spring break. There was no extended Easter vacation. We got out early on Good Friday and went back the day after Easter, because we live in the snowbelt capital of the east coast. The school has almost a full week scheduled for Easter/spring break, but those days are used to make up for days missed due to excessive snow. And still, many years the kids to halfway into June before they're released for summer.

Snow days are all sorts of fun and games in January, but come June and they turn into the most hated thing ever invented.

But this was the year of no winter. I think the kids used their winter boots all of twice. The local ski resorts will most likely be bankrupt by the end of summer for lack of snow this past winter. My gardens look like mid May instead of the beginning of April. The warm weather has been uncharastic to say the least. And because of the mild temps we were blessed with these past months, there has been all of 1 snow day. One. JUST ONE. It boggles the mind, it does. Easter break started today with a half day of school, and the kids go back next Tuesday. That one snow day is being made up the day they go back, which means they still have nearly a whole week off for Easter.

Completely unheard of in 41 years. Lucky, lucky kids.

Micah's break started even earlier. After hitting the snooze, and hitting the snooze again, then poking Micah a few times to get his eyes to open, there was a misunderstanding with his van driver and she left without him boarding. I just didn't think it would be worth the effort to drive him in for a few hours so I let him stay home today. (I rock parenthood.)

I love one on one time with Micah. He's still very toddler in so many ways, even while he's growing up way too fast. I am clinging to each day that he plays with his toys, because one day it may be his last. This morning I watched him load the Veggie Tales into a car and drive them around a house tour. I watched him dress up like Indiana Jones, and lock a dog in his dress-up trunk. I watched him be creative and spontaneous.

Truly, there is nothing as fun in my day as watching my kid simply be a kid. When Micah was born, we knew that he would have delays. We didn't know what to expect, but we expected him develop much slower than his peers would. We were right, of course, and I'm so glad. How many other parents get to enjoy all the fun of the toddler years for so long?

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