Honesty Is Always Best, Right?

Micah attends a camp for kids with special needs in the summer. He started last year, and while he had a rough start, he ended the week on a very positive note. To say that he loved it could be an understatement. So now that we have established that camp is fun, we're shipping him off to have fun again this summer. Those three whole days are like gold to us.

Enter judgement right here. And then know that I could care less what other people think. But things like museums are so much more enjoyable without the boy who runs from exhibit to exhibit without even allowing the rest of us to stop and enjoy it. And that's Point A in a huge list of Things Better Enjoyed Without Micah.

So today I'm filling out his camp application. Today was probably not the best day to do that. Today was one of those "I'm just going to say it how it is" days. I have those more and more often. The world is a better place because of honesty, I think. Plus, on something like this, they ask very specific questions because they care about the kids and want them to have the best camp experience ever, so honesty really is the best policy.

Today was also the day that I sent an excuse to school saying that the bus left without him and I didn't want to waste time running him to school for a half day.


What is the campers reaction to loud noises?

(Always good to know, considering they're dealing with all sorts of sensory issues, and kids who could potentially freak out over fireworks. Or less. So I answered honestly, because Micah falls in that category and nobody would have a good time if he freaked the heck out.)

He does NOT like loud noises. If it's a continuous noise he'll try to escape, and will need a restroom. And maybe clean boxer shorts.


How do you get the camper to join in activities?

Patience. He's rarely bribed. It has to be fun and exciting, but mostly it has to be his choice.


List special talents or interests .

Music, dancing, playing musical instruments, eating (it's borderline talent, trust me), basketball, swimming.

List favorite foods.

All of them.


Maybe I'll make someone's day as they read it. Or maybe they'll think I'm demented and shouldn't be parenting. Thank goodness I don't care what others think about me.


Mer said...

oh that made me smile!

Burgh Baby said...

I really wish there were an Olympic sport for eating. I'd happily fight Micah for that gold medal.

Cindy said...

I think it's good that you were honest. They need to know, right? It's important that they know these things. I think it will make for a great camp experience!