Things We Learned This Easter

If you plan a relaxing time away at the cabin just before Easter, you should take the fun new tripod and remote control for the camera so that you can get in the picture with the family.

If you don't set dress standards for the kids, they will choose to dress up for special occasions all by themselves. Ties and all. They'll even go as far as asking that you take them shopping just to get a special pink tie for Easter. Not fussing about stuffy dress clothes, but instead wearing them happily, is a huge win.

I also learned that the fun new remote control for the camera has a very short range. The self timer must be used if the whole family needs to fit into the frame. When you pay less than $5 for something, you really get what you pay for.

Also, Mom The Short should probably stand uphill from the teenagers and not downhill. And when the heck did Josh get to be his father's height? He won't even be 15 until mid summer.

This is the year that the teens weren't so into coloring eggs. Eating them was a bit more interesting, though.

It's also the year that Micah didn't dip and re-dip his eggs until they're all cracked and and the color of rusty mud. In fact, his eggs were only allowed to be submerged for 30 seconds before being pulled up. And blue was his favorite color this year. With that one deviation of yellow, and it's friend pink.

If boys aren't so into coloring eggs, they are definitely into having fun with them in other ways. Bring on the egg tossing contest!

And the last thing we learned was that a mechanical ride is superior to a pony ride. All those years that we'd saddle the Shetlands, only to have kids say, "nah, I don't want a pony ride," and this year we get the John Deere out and they're all, "I want a ride!" Go figure. Kids really don't want ponies for Christmas anymore.

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