The Emotional Roller Coaster That is Disney

We've been questioning Micah's hearing lately, and are back and forth on whether or not he can hear. On one hand, he cranks the volume up on the radio or will hold his iPod right up to his ear even though I can hear it all the way across the county. How his eardrums aren't completely blown is beyond me. But on the other hand, I can use my normal voice (or even drop it a bit just for testing purposes) and say his name from across the room, and he'll turn to see what I want.

So does he just like loud music? Is he practicing for his teen years? Does he like the feeling of his eardrums vibrating against his brain?

He was at the ENT today, and his hearing is as good as it gets for him. We've determined that he has certain tone deafness, so now we're wondering if it's getting worse. So much to contemplate. So much at stake.

But while he likes his music turned to decibels that'll make brains explode, he doesn't like loud noises like fireworks or concerts. This made Disney a challenge at times. The first night we watched the fireworks show at EPCOT, Micah ran for the restroom, because that's his safety zone. While there, I met a mom whose son was also finding refuge in the restroom. Our boys were the same, both loving the volume turned up at home but terrified of loud noises elsewhere. She speculated that perhaps when they know they're in control it's not scary for them. She could be right.

I do know that there was a lot that Micah just wouldn't sit through for fear of noises he wouldn't like. I tried to get him to enjoy The Festival of the Lion King, but it just didn't happen. Instead, we toured the restroom, and counted bricks in the courtyard, and looked for hidden Mickeys. I heard it was a good show. And yet, he absolutely loved Beauty and the Beast. He wanted to go back again and again, even though there were no more showings that day. There's no figuring him.

And the Lights, Motor, Action stunt car show at Hollywood Studios had BOY written all over it. Sadly, this was how he spent his time there.

Behind the bleachers, facing the fence, playing a video game to distract himself from what he knew was going on elsewhere.

And yet, the magic of Disney won out in the end. After Beauty and the Beast, he realized that sometimes noise has to be tolerated if you want to see way cool things. That night, he sat through the Fantasmic display. Okay, he stood through it. He went to the restroom, asked to  go again (we refused to take him) and he struggled through his fears because it was pretty awesome to watch. The poor kid alternated between dancing for joy and putting his hands over his ears in fear, but he watched the entire show, including the fireworks at the end, and didn't hide out in a restroom stall. It had to be emotionally draining on him (it was on me, and I was just watching him), but he's made of strong stuff.

If the magic of Disney could only be bottled...

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