I Plead Overtired

Micah's sleep issues were addressed with the doctor, and he not only approved of drugging the boy with Melatonin, he recommended that we get timed release pills so that they would help Micah fall asleep *and* keep him sleeping through the night. Total win. We got a bottle of the wonder drug just before leaving for vacation, and took them along to drug all the kids for the 16 hour drive. The more they slept, the better it would be for all concerned. We left at bedtime, so it's not like we were messing with their natural sleep routine or anything. The kids appreciated the help in attaining more restful slumber.


Three days of walking. Nothing but walking. From breakfast to bedtime, I walked. My feet hurt, then my legs hurt, then everything went numb and it was a blessing that I couldn't feel the pain any longer. I collapsed into bed each night and was asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow. Except Tuesday night. Tuesday night I just couldn't sleep. Who knows why, really. I laid there wishing for sleep, knowing that I'd be walking from breakfast to bedtime the next day as well.

And still I laid there, wishing for sleep. I laid there until nearly 2 in the AM before I finally fell asleep. Yeh, the next day was brutal. Especially since Micah was up at 7AM.

Over breakfast, while I was questioning the universe on why I couldn't just fall asleep, the family questioned me on why I didn't just take some Melatonin.

I plead Overtired. It works, right? My brain on lack of sleep isn't a coherent thing. At all.

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