And We're Stuck With It

Micah has a trunk of dress up clothes that he plays with daily. It has just about anything in it, and a collection of hats to rival the town's millinery. If the town had a millinery. Which it doesn't. We have Walmart instead. Micah's very favorite item in that dress up box was a Hawaiian shirt. It was blue with white flowers on it, and he wore it daily. He wore it with his pirate gear, his Indy Jones outfit, to be Woody, and with a poodle skirt. He wore it with pants and without pants. He just loved that shirt. And then he tossed it into the fire one evening as we sat around making s'mores.

Just like that, his shirt was gone. We could speculate forever on why Micah tossed his beloved shirt into the fire, but forever would most likely not be long enough to come to any kind of logical conclusion. It is what it is, and the shirt is gone.

But Micah found a suitable replacement at Salvation Army this week.  Behold.

I'm just giving the neighborhood a heads' up about that purple monstrosity. It's not Barney come to life, it's just Micah, sporting his new favorite shirt. I'm sorry, neighborhood, for the walking eyesore. I really am. I put it back on the rack when he wasn't looking, but while I was standing in the checkout line he ran back to get it. If only it blended better, he wouldn't have found it so easily.

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Mellissa Rose said...

He looks like he is ready for a luau! I kind of like the shirt. Ha!