There's a Certain Family Resemblance

Oh, the fun to be had in the party favor aisle. Mental note: for the next party we have, get a pack or two of these things. It's no end of entertainment.

There is shocking resemblance between those boys. I think it's the nose. Or maybe the eyebrows. Hand up the one who spots The Adopted One, aka The Nephew.

And even I had a moment of, "that's Luke? I could swear he was just a kid yesterday." It's amazing what a nose will do.

Becky can rock a mustache like few women can. You go, girl!

But nobody can quite pull it off like Micah. Those eyes are clearly his best feature.

I'm thinking our Christmas card this year needs to feature noses and eyebrows.

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Flea said...

Totally on the Christmas cards. Want me to send you some sombreros?