What's Black and White....

My favorite place to be in summer is on the patio. I seriously need to set up a permanent bench/chair/sitting area near the pond because every summer I just drag two chairs over and place next to it. Yes, two. I need one to prop my feet on. If you're going to relax, do it in style.

I see a lot of interesting things while sitting by the pond. The fish are interesting, even though they're the most boring animals alive. I always find it amusing how they're terrified of me and dart to the bottom of the pond when they see me, but yet can just hover there in plain sight, thinking they're so much safer. It's not a secret why they're afraid of people, though. I'm contantly yelling, "Don't throw that in the pond!" If Micah hears it once, he hears it a million times. Daily. So far this summer, nary a dog has been tossed in. It's a first.

I see hummingbirds, and yellow birds, and blue birds, and the nasty starlings that steal the dogs' food. I see bees of all shapes and sizes, and chipmunks. OH MY WORD, THE CHIPMUNKS. Those pesky buggers have no fear and are really starting to trample my nerves. They've burrowed under the pond, and under the patio, and have a zillionty holes in the hedgeline. They get in the trash and drive the dogs crazy and drown in my pond so that I have to fish them out.

Wait, that last thing is a good one. Haters will hate, but it's my problem, not yours.

So the other day while I was sitting in my favorite patio spot, I saw something that was more fun than all the other somethings I saw. See?

I'm aware that it's a moth. At least I'm pretty sure it's a moth. It looks rather moth-ish. I'm loving the circular spotty things it's got going, and the striped legs. Black and white is always classy, even if you're a winged creature sitting on a pond rock.

I could ask Mr. Google what that is, exactly, but I figured I'd ask the blogosphere instead. Surely someone has detailed info on this, right?

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LEsherick2008 said...

Leopard moth I have seen one a few years ago.