Jack Brings All Sorts of Changes Our Way

We have this dog who doesn't know how to walk. I never read that in the description of the Boston terrier on the AKC website, or Wikipedia, or even DogBreedInfo.com. Nowhere did it say that Bostons are incapable of walking, but we have learned otherwise. Tinker dances everywhere she goes. And when she gets really excited - like when you look at her - she'll turn herself into a U. Both her head and her tail are facing the same direction, and she dances across the floor. Dances, skitters, whatever you'd call it, it's ain't walking. The rapid fire click of toenails on laminate tells me there is no WAY it's a sedate walk.

We've had Tink for several years, and we've not found a way to teach the dog to walk yet. We laugh at her, because she's clearly wired too tight. But it's part of why we love her.

But we got this new puppy, and things have changed around here. We now keep all toys off the floor. And shoes are put away. And anything that we value even a little bit is put up out of Jack's reach. The last thing I want is for my $20 leather flip flops to be gnawed up, or worse - destroyed. Okay, maybe gnawed up would be worse, because there is no doubt in my mind that I'd still wear them. In public. Frequently.

Besides the obvious fact that Jack is adorable and we want to spend all our days squishing his wrinkled little face, we also lavish attention on him to teach him that people are not only his friend, but that we are wonderful god-like beings that he will want to voluntarily worship and obey without question. It's a win-win, really.

But not everyone is as enamored with Jack as I am. Tink the Dancing Boston is less than thrilled with his appearance. Tink is also the dog that welcomes everyone into her home with dancing glee, whether that someone is two legged or four legged. Its clear that the difference is all the attention we're showering on the puppy. Jealousy has turned out black and white tuxedo dog completely green. And it's not like she's being completely ignored or anything. We're not monsters here. But she is astute enough to know that we're definitely playing favorites.

So many things have changed since Jack has become a part of our family. Probably one of the most astonishing is the fact that Tink learned to walk. She will calmly walk up to me while I'm petting Jack and then sit quietly in front of me, and I gladly give her the attention she wants. But she walks. Calmly. I really didn't think she was capable of it. It's rather amazing.


Tarrant said...

We adopted a dog over the weekend. The bossy shih tzu that's mostly my mother's dog is NOT AMUSED by new pup. But...he's learning some new tricks. After being shown up on "wait" by the new puppy--he's all oh I can do that, I just have chosen not to (EVER) and then the THUNDERSTORM happened. ooo Thunderstorms--a time for the shih tzu to run around hysterically for hours and pant and cry. New puppy looked up the first time there was thunder and went back to sleep a few feet from my desk as the shih tzu came running hysterical. He looked at the puppy, stopped almost comically, and threw himself down next to my desk to sleep.

wendy said...

We got a new kitten last weekend and although our collie loves to play with her, she doesn't like it when we hold her or play with her, and will get her long nose right in our faces to get petted also!