Look! It's Larry Boy!

Micah has been sleeping in this summer. It's a dozen different kind of awesome. Not being awakened at way too early o'clock, I'm a much happier mom through the day. After 17 years of parenting, I'm finally able to sleep in during the summer. Darn these kids and their early waking hours. When he gets up now, he comes into our room to see what we're up to. Are we still sleeping? Are we reading? Have we been up for a while and we're already in a routine?

Sam was on night shift, so he was home the other morning. As Micah came in our room, daddy called for him to come see what surprise he brought home. Micah isn't keen on surprises that involve us still lying in bed. He's very afraid that we'll try to make him lay down, too. He's vertical, and he'll remain that way, thankyouverymuch.  But we insisted, and then finally demanded, so he reluctantly complied.

One of Sam's co-workers has a son Micah's age. She gave Sam a shirt with Larry The Cucumber's face on it. She's not really sure where it came from, and is pretty sure her son never wore it, but she hoped that maybe Micah would like it.

He did.

Micah put on his new green shirt, proudly patted his chest, and took himself and his shirt out of the room to play. Sam was telling me about how the shirt came into his possession, and the door of our bedroom opened again. (Micah insists on closing it after leaving. You know, in case we compel him to come lay down with our gazer beam eyes.) The boy walked into our room in full Larry Boy gear, because that's what you wear when you have a Larry The Cucumber shirt. And after he presented himself to us, he went to wake his siblings to show them his awesome attire, too.

And then, because I was still partly asleep but suddenly jolted into fully awake by the vision before me, I couldn't figure out how to make the camera cooperate with me. But you get the picture. Or at least a better one that I did.

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