Off To The Wheelbarrow Races

Today was the kick off of kids' camp for our church's elementary age students. This is always an exciting week, even if it is a bit crazy. The level of fun, however, is nearing a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.

One of these years, I'm going to simplify my life and just volunteer to be a counselor for the kids. The running I did today alone was more than most people do in a week. I ran the kids to the church to catch the bus to camp, then home to get the dogs and drop the computer off at the shop just down the road (yeah, something local!), into town to get Sam at work, down to the camp, back to town for a vet appointment for said dogs, home to drop the dogs off and get my computer, back to camp, home through town to get a dog I'm watching this week, and home for the night.

Whew. I'll bet *your* car gained mileage over that read.

Tomorrow is another crazy day, and one that doesn't allow me to get to camp until late in the evening, but I'll be there because it's too fun to miss. Take today, for instance. Today, they had wheelbarrow races.

You'll notice Micah there, wishing he was in on the action. The poor guy. He can neither be the pusher nor the walker in this game, so he just stood there with Woody, watching the start of the race. But that boy is way more resourceful than I am.

It turns out, he *can* be the pusher, because Woody is the perfect walker. They really made some good time in the race, too, which is why it was kind of shocking that he didn't win. Still, Woody gave Micah a high-five for a job well done at the end of it.

Yes. Yes, he did. I am not even kidding, even though I have no photographic evidence of said high-five.

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