On The Third Day of Fourth Grade, Micah Was A Whole New Boy

This morning, Micah thought he could just get a freebie day after the injustice of yet another set of ear tubes invading his precious time schedule yesterday. Turns out, he was wrong. He wasn't happy when I got his backpack out of his locker, and even less happy (more unhappy?) that I put in his folder and daily planner to return to school. He was glad to leave his talker in his bag, but removed the other offending items. And then he pointed to the door. The door he pointed to is also the same direction as he'd go to his previous school. I am pretty sure he wanted to go back to his old school instead of his new one this year. But he was a trooper and got on the bus with his brothers this morning as happily as all that.

And then, being the stellar A+ kind of mom that I am, I took my daughter for our annual "the boys are back in school so we're going to have a girls day out" day and forgot all about Micah and his second real day at school. Yes, Becky and I did have a great time. Thanks for asking.

When my boys walked in the door after school, I asked Luke how Micah's morning was, and if it was any better than Tuesday. Luke said Micah asked him to leave the classroom once they got there, so that was a very good sign. The notes sent home in Micah's bag were even better. Apparently Micah had an incredibly good day.

It was meet the teacher night, and of course I went to meet Micah's teachers. Not that I haven't done that already, but one can't be too involved with a kid like Micah. His teacher was absolutely amazed at the change in Micah from Day 1 to Day 2. He was happy, compliant, loved learning, and showed her all the jokes on his talker. 


So that whole Really Bad Awful No-Good Day he had on Tuesday was our adjustment time, and if that's all it is, we'll be thrilled. But this is Micah, and while he was certainly on his A Game today, he may be back to a lesser game tomorrow. But if he's joking with his teacher, things aren't going to be that bad.

On the third day of fourth grade, my fourth grader endeared himself to the entire elementary school. Walking the halls with him at the teacher conferences was like walking with a celebrity. The boy has been there 2 days, and everyone is waving and calling out his name. It's pretty awesome, really.

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Karen Deborah said...

you know that all of us know that Micah is one adorable kid. It's great that the rest of the folks in your life are showing you they think so too. clapps hands!