Proof Of Idiocy: Check.

You guys, I'm an idiot.

So we have been planning this trip to New England for a year. My amazing husband knows that I needed time to plan. And save. But really, because I'm a planner, half the fun of a vacation is all the pre-trip prep. And also because my husband is amazing, he let me completely plan this trip with zero input from him. I planned the states to visit, the cities to visit in those states, the sights to see, the things to do, and even some restaurants that we'll need to try. In exchange, I bought him a NASCAR racetrack experience, so we're on equal ground.

We'll be spending just one day in Boston, because there's more to New England than just Boston. (And I just offended a whole lot of people by that statement.) While researching things to do in Boston, there is a list of must-see things. Among my list of awesome sights are Fanuiel Hall, the Freedom Walking Tour, Boston Garden, and the Cheers Pub. Such great things, there's no doubt. But I scrubbed one from my list, because I just didn't think Sam would be that interested. While my amazing husband is letting me go and do to please myself, I want him to enjoy the trip, too. It's how we successfully navigated 20 years of marriage, yo.

Our flight landed in Boston, and we promptly drove to New Hampshire. While wending our way out of town, we drove by Boston Garden. It was out our left window. I was looking out our right. Sam mentioned it, and said he didn't have to stop to see it now because he just did.

"Oh. I missed it. I didn't think you'd be interested in Boston Gardens. You never wanted to visit gardens with me before."

Yes, people. I'm an idiot. We've been laughing about this all day. We'll probably laugh for the next 20 years.

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