I May Be Slow, But The Train Finally Gets To The Station

The family took the day off work to go on a road trip. Except me, because I've turned into a workaholic. But when the school asks if I can sub, I really hate to tell them no. This just means that we'll get a late start, though. We won't be missing anything important.

Where are we going?  Becky wanted to visit a college her friend is attending, and they're having an open house type thing this weekend so prospective students can come check them out. It seemed the perfect time to make the trip, really. Becky is a junior, and while it seems that we're jumping on this train a bit early (and we are), Becky had talked about this school as one of her top three choices. I believe in making big choices early on. And I also believe in road trips.

So while I knew this weekend was coming because it's on all my calendars (what? You don't have several calendars to keep yourself organized?), I tend to get busy with the day to day, and work deadlines, and appointments, and adhering to schedules, that I think of future events as Future Events. That's why it was a bit of a shock when I was struck with the realization that I have packing to do for the weekend trip. Tonight. I have to pack tonight. Because I'll be gone all day tomorrow and will be leaving as soon as the boys and I get home from school.

So I commenced packing. I perused my closet for things to jump out at me that would be comfy to travel in and make me look ten pounds thinner. (Do they make things like that? Do I OWN things like that?) And then I thought of what I might be doing, and decided to pack for that instead of comfort and flattery. So, what, exactly, would I be doing? How would I be expected to dress? Did the school have a dress code? I didn't want to be in violation if we wanted to curry favor. How does the mother of a college student dress?

And then the world stopped spinning for a second while the giant flashlight of realization spotlighted me.  I WILL BE THE PARENT OF A  COLLEGE STUDENT.

Give me a minute; I'm still trying to breathe.

Still breathing.


Annnnnd exhale.

What did I pack? I went for comfort in travel. That's pretty much it. I couldn't even muster the ten pounds lighter thing, really. When you're old enough to be the parent of a college student, you have the right to dress how you want. Or is that when you're a grandmother?

Can someone stop this train? I think I missed my stop.

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Paula Lynn Johnson (a/k/a Paula Zatuchni) said...

I know how you feel. Just attended Back to School Night for my kids and was looking around, thinking, "who are all these old people? Oh yeah - I'm one of them." Have a great trip!