The Return of a Classic

I have been clueless what to get kids for Christmas for a few years. Kids nowadays have more toys than a toy store, you know? What do you get the kid that has everything? Except our kids don't have a lot, and I'm still clueless. We haven't subscribed to the whole gaming thing, so we don't own XBoxes or Wiis or anything of the sort. Except that old PlayStation Josh bought with his own money and the kids barely play anymore anyway. But really, what do you get kids that they don't already have/need?

So I go the creative route. Or at least try. But even that gets hard. It's probably evident that I'm not a gift person. I'd far rather use the money to travel with, or take the kids shopping so that we can have a good time spending it together than to hope what I got them is a well-loved selection. Gifts kind of make my head spin. I like the idea of giving, but when it comes to actually making it happen, I freeze up. So far I haven't gifted underwear. Except the year my mom asked for them. But that's a story for another day. Let's just say that, at the age of 9, I wasn't aware of different types of ladies undergarments. I can't be held responsible for my mistake. I think it was a very merry Christmas for my dad, though.

So when Luke spent the day with a friend, and said friend's mom pulled me aside and said, "I know what you can get Luke for Christmas," I was way more excited about that statement than I should have been. In my head, I was jumping and clapping my hands. I'm pretty sure I nearly scared her as I leaned in closely, eyes shining like a chocoholic that someone just waved a Hershey bar at, and nearly screamed, "oooh, WHAT?!"


Yes, that's right, footed pajamas. For an 11 year old boy, who would be 12 when Christmas rolled around. She swore that he said he wanted them. The kid is strange.

But then we were on a family shopping trip to Target (happily spending money together), Luke saw The Rack. They sold footed pajamas in sizes for big kids, too, and he was pretty adamant that he wanted them. For just $13, how could I not, really?

So I'm still stuck on what to get kids for Christmas.  Not that footed pajamas would totally fill the gift list, but hey, it's a start. And now I'm back to Do Not Pass Go. But he's happy, so there's that.

Ignore the hideous chair. Kalahari resort likes things on the wild side.

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Mellissa Rose said...

I almost bought footed pajamas for myself at Target last week. Until I realized that I would have to get undressed each time I would need to use the bathroom. And I pee WAY too much for that. Love the blog & all the photos :)