Di*Gel For Everyone!

Ah, the holidays. Thanksgiving kicks off the great tradition of eating until you explode, and it lasts for a month solid. As if one Thanksgiving dinner isn't enough, our family (like a lot of families) hosts two dinners for the season of thanks. We're more stuffed than the turkey by the end of the holiday break. I could argue that turkey is a nice healthy food, as are green beans and corn and potatoes. But when eaten in vast quantities, and mixed with all manner of not-so-healthy appetizers in copious amounts, one has just set themselves up for a world of intestinal hurting.

Here's the thing, friends. My family has a history of intestinal disorders. It's sad, but so very, very true. I remember a family vacation where a pair of underwear was left behind in a public restroom. I can't even make fun of Mom for that, because I have left underwear behind in a public restroom too. It's not something I'm proud of, okay, but life happens. Sometimes things just don't agree with me. Sometimes I have no idea why, either. Maybe it's hormonal. Maybe it's weather related. Maybe it's a genetic curse. Whatever it is, the nephew suffers the same fate, so it's not gender related. That much we do know. We also know that some foods will just make us have to camp by the toilet for a few hours. Or days.

Why am I telling you this? Because we have found what we'll call "The Cure". di·gel. It's wondrous stuff for people like us who are in need of digestive relief on occasion. It's an all-in-one solution that offers both anti-gas and an antacid. In one bottle. I know, right? How convenient is that? No more heartburn, no more blaming the dogs for the aroma wafting from the general area you are in, no more abdominal pains making you uncomfortable.

Listen, I know this is a sensitive subject, and one we all try to avoid talking about. Unless you're my family, then you embrace who you are and compare stories. But if you're a fellow sufferer, you'll appreciate all that di·gel offers. And really, there is a di·gel for everyone.

Point in case:

My mom would be the Maximum Strength Liquid (Cherry) anti-gas/antacid user. She needs all the help she can get, and will be taking it gladly from di·gel.

My dad would be more the Regular Strength Liquid (Freshmint) anti-gas/antacid user. He suffers on occasion, but never that severely. Regular would work for him.

My nephew would be the "on-the-go" (no pun intended) Extra Strength Antacid Chewable Tablet (mixed berry) antacid guy. He never knows when it's going to hit him, and has found himself in public wishing he had his di·gel. The portable tablets would make an excellent stocking stuffer for him.

My other nephew would be more the Extra Strength Antacid Chewable Tablets (mixed berry) antacid guy. Having a tablet to chomp is quick and easy, but his antacid doesn't need to be listed as the "on the go" type because he can generally manage to walk to a medicine cabinet to get what he needs when he needs it.

And I'm the Multi-Symptom Chewable Tablets (freshmint) anti-gas/antacid person. I suffer heartburn as much as intestinal disorders (or *other* intestinal disorders, maybe). I'd carry those everywhere I go. I'd take some in my stocking, too, please.

I know this is all sorts of laugh-worthy, but if you're like me, and really appreciate the fact that someone has finally come out with digestive help, you can find it in any major drug store or grocery retailer. And for information, you can log onto www.godigel.com to see which produce in their lineup would make a great stocking stuffer for you. No, I kid you not. If you're a fellow sufferer, you KNOW it'd be much appreciated. Because sometimes, you just have to undo the overdo.

And now that I've shared a little too much information (yes, I really did leave a pair of underwear behind in a public restroom), I want to know that I'm not the only one out there. Because I'm not. If you can share a favorite recipe or photo of your favorite dish and tag it with the hashtag #undowithdigel, you and I will both know what it's about, and I'll feel a bit better about myself for knowing what awesome foods cause problems for others. Because we all suffer from intestinal upset from time to time.

But this, people, is what our answer looks like:

di·gel is available at major drug and grocery retailers nationwide, for more information, visit www.godigel.com.

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