Hi, My Name is Micah

I had an IEP meeting with Micah's teaching team last week. First of all, his team rocks. Seriously.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I have to relay the story that was told to me. They're teaching social etiquette to his class, and right now they're working on introducing themselves. One of the goals of the exercise is to get Micah to verbalize his name. He can, when he wants to. It's the wanting to part that's lacking most of the time.

Point in Case:

Micah and his aide were in the hallway. His aide knocked on the classroom door, the teacher opened it and said, "Hi! What's your name?" The aide answered, "Hi, I'm Miss Linda." And she was admitted into the room. Then it was Micah's turn to knock. He did. He was asked his name. That boy of mine held up his folder, pointed to his name on it, gave his teacher the look that clearly said, "lady, I'm smarter than you are and am not playing your game," and admitted himself right into the class.

I just have to laugh, because the teacher was howling over this, but really. That boy has quite the sense of humor, and thinks pretty quickly on the fly. And has figured out how to outsmart learning yet again.


Susannesusannadanna said...

ROFL!!! I can so relate.....our boys are smarter than we know!!!!

wendy said...

How funny! Claires therapist always said if there's an easier way to do something Claire will find it!

Mary said...

Love it! I'm glad we aren't the only people getting outfoxed by a little guy. Sometimes when someone that doesn't know Riley well is fussing over him and doing things for him I just have to giggle. It takes all my will power not to let them know that they just got worked over by a 6 year old with Ds.

I don't find it near as funny when I realize I'm the one that got suckered. :-)