My Weekend Was Better Than Yours. Probably. I'm Not Sure What You Did.

We hosted a formal tea for the youth group at church over the weekend. Well, it started out as a formal tea, and then we realized that the kids probably wouldn't like hot tea, so we had cold tea. Or would have had cold tea if it hadn't been discovered and drank before the event. We had water and raspberry lemonade. And formal tea-type foods, which were super fabulous and completely awesome and so very, very delicious.

While ladies can kill an hour or two sitting at a table just chatting while sipping tea and eating tiny sandwiches, teens tend to inhale food and then get really bored just sitting, so we had to entertain them. I had the perfect solution. A photo booth! Mostly because I wanted to play with my photo props and backdrop, and have an excuse to use my camera for something other than taking pictures of the french dogs and snow. That's how I inadvertently discovered what a gem a photo booth is.

Girls in formal wear are some of the most insecure creatures on Planet Earth. They've spent so much time on hair and make-up that they are afraid someone won't appreciate the effort, so they hover in bathrooms primping in front of the mirror, convincing themselves that they really are the prettiest at the ball. All of them. Insecurely primping together. But if you introduce things like fake mustaches and top hats, suddenly all reserve is gone and the prettiest girls in gorgeous dresses are being as silly as if it were a pajama party. And that just means that a good time was had by all.

Nothing breaks the ice like a mustache.

And when the ice was shattered, picture frames were discovered, and a whole new level of fun was had.

While boys aren't quite as obvious in their insecurities as girls are, it's still there. It was nice to see them get in on the fun, too.

And then it got to the point where we were all, "guys! There's food here! Just step away from the photo session!"

And they got so comfortable that they didn't even need props.

And then they were finding their OWN props. 

But in reality, nobody has as much fun as I did. And the best part is that I'll be doing it all over again this coming weekend with a whole new set of friends. Total awesomeness.

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wendy said...

I love the picture frame idea, and all your props are great. I think you had the best weekend. What Fun!!