Ooh, Mama Has A New Toy

I was saving pennies for quite a while before I was able to buy my new toy. And then I waited for what seemed like for-ev-er for that thing to come in the mail, too. I have plans for that. Big, huge ones, and you'll see it featured all over the place very soon here. Even if you won't know that you're seeing it featured. But tonight it came. OH MY GOSH, IT CAME.

I was trying desperately to work, even though I knew my big box of funness was downstairs. I was doing a really good job at ignoring it's cries for attention, too, because one must get work done before playing. And then I heard the box being opened and my toy being played with. SOME PEOPLE in this house have no idea what personal things are. SOME PEOPLE in this house think that everything that arrives is fair game. Sheesh.

So I did what anyone would do, and tossed work aside and went down to supervise the playing of my toys. I am simply amazed at the quality of what I got for the price. I was completely willing to make do with cheap until I could afford to upgrade, but this low price is not all that cheap. It's impressive, is what it is.

Even Micah thinks so. He knew what it was. It was an opportunity to put on a show! He lined up seating for his audience, turned off my camera (the nerve!), and made everyone sit down while he introduced each person to do a show-and-tell of the toys on display.

Of course, I had to play, too, and asked for help in testing my toys.

Some were more complaint than others. Woody knows how to take a nice picture.

But eventually, even non-compliance takes a turn for the good.

Sort of.

And now I'll be playing with that fun set-up for days (weeks...) on end, because I've got so many awesome plans for it. Micah's birthday party is going to absolutely rock because of this fun new toy mama has. And I can pretty much guarantee that Micah will have the most unique birthday party any ten year old boy ever did have. The pictures are going to be awesome.


Viv said...

Sounds like fun is afoot!

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

And here I thought I was going to see a picture of a sewing machine! I guess we have different definitions of "toy". Still, how exciting for you!