The Little Helper

Micah has been a Good Job Helper lately, and it's been so very nice. He was home with pink eye again this week, and without being told one day, he helped me unload the dishwasher, and then fed the dogs without grumping about the chore. I was shocked and amazed at his generous helping nature, but that was just the beginning of his day. While I was sewing, Micah cleaned Luke's room. This was a feat of immense proportions, because the floor was not visible. Micah picked up all the blankets and laundry, made both the top and bottom bunk beds, carried laundry to my room and cups downstairs, and even vacuumed. Of course, I had to stop sewing ever five minutes to help with this, and that, and pretty much everything along the way. But golly, did the room look nice when he was done. That boy can work when he sets his mind to it.

Today, Micah was home with pink eyes again. He tagged along at the grocery store, and was still in Really Helpful Mode. He generally helps at the grocery store by filling the cart with everything that he wants. Today, he chose Veggie Tales fruit snacks. I told him no. Then gave him coupons. He was thrilled.

Micah first took his cereal coupon and ran to the cereal aisle. He walked up and down the aisle until he found the Cheerios, just like in the photo. Then he found the next brand. And then I gave him the yogurt coupon. He seemed confused, so I traded it out for something else. He ran to an aisle, and I followed. An employee smiled at him - the man on a mission - and asked him what he was looking for. He showed her the coupon as he sallied forth, looking for his treasure. It was like a scavenger hunt in the grocery store, and we were having a great time.

Somewhere between the pudding and the crackers, the same employee caught Micah on a mission in Aisle 4. She smiled as stepped out of his way, and watched him locate what he needed. I loved her for acceptance of the situation.

The last coupon was the confusion yogurt one. He looked at the photo, and walked away from the dairy. I pointed to the Go-Gurt in the coupon, and the Go-Gurt on the shelf, but he just turned and went on his way. It's a small store, and we shop at slow times. If he wants to go off on his own, he'll be fine. Plus there are employees there that would watch out for him, just like I would. I loaded the Go-Gurt into the cart, then went on my way to find my son. We met somewhere in the bread aisle, and he was holding the Veggie Tales fruit snacks proudly. See? He pointed. It matches his coupon. I laughed out loud, right there in the bread aisle. "You can't make the coupon say what you want, my son." But how could I not get the fruit snacks for him? And I wonder why my grocery bill is so high.

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