It Kind of Looks Like a Ten Year Old Cake

We had a super hero party planned for Micah, and then there was that one day when Micah made the family sit for an impromptu dress up fashion show, and we thought, "you know what? Micah would absolutely love a birthday party like this." So we changed horses mid-party-planning-stream.

But the cake posed a problem for me. How does one do a cake in a dress-up party theme? I heavily contemplated a pirate themed cake, because it was easy to find models for, and pirates could be part of the dress-up theme. But then it was 4 hours before the party and I hadn't even mixed the cake much less had it in the oven (or cooled ready for decorating) so I knew the pirate was out. Time was of the essence.

My plan was to make a lot of photo props and poke into the cake. The exact same photo props, actually, that I already had. I'd poke top hats and mustaches and glasses and Happy Birthday signs and all sorts of fun into the cake. It would be like a photo booth prop holder. Made of cake. And then I remembered that it took me all day to make the props that I have, and at this point I had 2 hours facing me. That wasn't an options either.

So when you've got weeks to plan for a party, and you put the cake off until an hour before you need it, this is what you end up with. The good news is that I got a lot of compliments on it. Apparently it was a good cake; very moist. It's all in the mix you get at the store. It was probably Betty Crocker.

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