Round Two

So yesterday Micah had an accident at school. It was tragic all around. The nurse's room was befouled after Micah spent 20 minutes in there waiting for me to arrive. Micah's underpants were unsalvageable. The only good is that Micah got out of school early. By 10 minutes. But he was just fine all evening, so I sent him to school this morning.

The school called 20 minutes after he arrived. Micah had another accident, and could we come get him.

For crying out loud.

So Sam ran down to the school to pick Micah up because I had an appointment at that very moment. I know, my timing rocks, right? But it turns out that today's accident was nowhere near the scale of yesterday's accident. And today's accident was really just a "I failed to wipe and it was a bit messy" kind of thing. And it also turns out that I do not have a change of clothing for Micah in his book bag. My bad.

So here's the thing. I rejoiced greatly, and then rejoiced again, when Micah chose to potty train himself. It was epic, and life altering, and the end of the diaper changing era in our house that started in 1995 when Becky was born. But it turns out that Micah isn't really potty trained. I mean, he goes to the restroom when he needs to, but he just can't wipe. Neither can he blow his nose, but that's a post for another day. And in the meantime, Micah will just come home from school on occasion because he pooped during school hours and not at home.

These are the things that I never saw coming when I tried to envision my life with a child with a disability. And it's not a bad thing. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying that I never saw this coming. How could one? I'm just hoping there's an end to this before he's a teenager. That might just be awkward.

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