Cookie Karma

The kids in our house eat. They eat a lot. They eat everything. They just eat. I used to complain a lot about this but have just stopped because the kids aren't going to stop eating. I have tried refocusing them, though. I have a list on the pantry door that reminds them what is acceptable to much on if they're starving nigh unto death, because otherwise they'll eat what I've put back for dinner for the next week in one sitting.

Nothing is sacred. Absolutely nothing. I bought lemon juice for a recipe, had it in the fridge less than a week, and it was empty when I went to make the recipe. Lemon juice. Gone in a week. The kids discovered lemon-flavored water. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

They have gotten creative in trying to sneak things, but they're never able to get away with it for long because the food will be gone. Usually sooner than later. Like the bulk Sam's Club size box of fruit snacks. There were enough to put one in Micah's lunch every single day until the end of school plus some extras for the kids to occasionally snack on. Except we've got nearly 6 weeks of school left and 3 bags of fruit snacks. That's a lot of missing snacks.

So Becky made cookies the other day. She had the batch of chocolate chip in the oven as she was mixing up the oatmeal ones. And just as the chocolate chip cookies were coming out of the oven, Becky noticed a bug in the flour. She thought it was a flea, as this was just before the FleaPocalypse. It wasn't. It was a weevil. Turns out, buying 25 pounds of flour wasn't as great an idea as I thought it would be way back last fall. Weevils, however, thought it was.

We tossed the oatmeal dough and kind of just let the chocolate chip cookies sit to cool because we were frustrated over the whole thing. And we didn't want hot cookies burning up the trash bag. And we had to get ready for church anyway, so there they sat.

When I got the spatula out to toss the cookies, I noticed that one was gone. Someone ate a weevil cookie. Do you know how amusing this is to me? Karma for those who eat all the food, all the time.


Kaytabug said...

The lemon flavored water discovery happened in my house and I was unable to make something because it was used up!!! I feel your pain!!!!

Karen Deborah said...

well after baking in the oven the weevil was clean so why not just eat em?

I remember my brothers and I eating up stuff that my mom brought home the day she bought it. We would polish off a whole loaf of bread making toast, and eat an entire box of cereal for a snack. Kids do eat, they are growing!