It Was A Teaching Day at the Hospital

We had a 6:30AM appointment to have Micah's 11th set of ear tubes installed today. For the record, the boy just turned 10 exactly a month ago today. He's such an overachiever.

I always learn new things, which is fun. Today's new thing is that the ear drum grows in a clockwise pattern. And they install ear tubes at the 5:00 position, if the ear drum were to be a clock face. This gives the best drainage of gunk, I was told. When Micah's ear drums grow, his tubes generally come out when the tube reaches the 7:00 or 8:00 position, because the ear drum grows in a clockwise pattern.

Fascinating, no?

And the very good news is that, although his left ear had already tossed it's drainage tube, the right ear was just beginning the process to expel, so the doctor was able to replace both tubes again instead of doing one now and one a month from now. Because that's exactly what would have happened. Also, for a weird change of events, the right tube was falling out of the hole that was still in the 5:00 position, so a new hole was not needed in the wee ear drum. The left ear, however, wasn't so cooperative and thoughtful that way. The left ear drum still had a hole at the 8:00 position where the tube came out, and it hadn't had a chance to grow closed yet. This is the first time in 10 years that we've caught it this early. This was repaired with a tiny piece of paper, about like tissue paper only thinner, I was told.


So because of said thin paper, Micah cannot get his ears wet. He doesn't need ear drops this go-round, which he would be thrilled about if he remembered that he has always been subjected to drops before. He hates those things. But neither will he be able to shower. For several weeks. Baths are just fine as long as we monitor closely to be sure that he doesn't dunk his head (he does frequently) or pour a glass of water over his head (which he also does). But his ears cannot get wet for several weeks. That will be a challenge. Mostly because he won't let us put anything in his ears. Ear plugs are out. Cotton balls with Vaseline are out. Protective ear muffs are coming to mind because he's to the point that he'll tolerate those now (thanks to headphones for his music) but how are we going to wash hair around those?

This is the not so fascinating part.

So if you see the boy around town with worse-than-usual hair, just know that we're doing our best to keep him fresh and clean with a damp washcloth and Dry 'Poo.


LEsherick said...

Can you use a shower cap that just fits around his ears too. And maybe attach something elastic to both sides to fit under his chin to keep the cap down around his ears. Good Luck!

Roger Miller said...

Thanks for the lesson on ear tubes and ear drum growth, it really was fascinating. As for Micah's hair - how about a buzz cut, easy to maintain and a wash cloth will clean it up lickety split. :) I know this for a fact.