The Family That Shoots Together...

Our Sunday afternoon consisted of a family favorite pastime. I'm not sure which boy likes shooting guns more; Daddy, Josh, or Micah. Luke and Becky have a good time, too, but not like the other three. I shoot more than anyone, but it's my beloved Canon. I generally leave my guns at home when we head to the farm to shoot.

And by "head to the farm" I mean walk across the road to Gram and Pap's and set up targets in the empty fields.

While the kids were perfecting their aim, I was learning to just rely on my settings. The photos were looking so dark to me that I was sure something was very wrong with my camera. Turns out, it was just such a bright day that the screen looked dark. I learned to trust that when I adjust my settings, my camera is going to do what I tell it to do regardless of what the screen shows me.

I learned that my kids help each other. Willingly. And kindly. It makes my heart happy to see them being each other's best friends. My kids are so awesome.

And Micah just loves to shoot guns. His BB gun is his pride and joy, mostly because we let him use it with off-handed supervision. He's simply not allowed to hold a heftier weapon all on his own at this point. Safety first. Always. He can pull the trigger on the .22 when daddy holds it, but the BB gun is his to pump, load, and aim when someone is right behind him. It makes him feel like one of the big kids. And that's always an awesome feeling.

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Flea said...

That's so awesome. My boy used his little hand held CO2 BB gun today. Killed a pigeon for a friend who owns a boutique downtown. I was shocked when he pulled it out of his bag, and proud when he took out the flying rat.