All The Wrong Choices

Micah had a double ear infection a week before mine hit. With his tubes, he had a lot of drainage oozing out his wee ears and it was rather nasty, but at least the tubes were working and he didn't suffer the pain and pressure and possible ear drum rupture that may have resulted based on the amount of gunk that oozed out. That was two weeks ago. Last night he had a crying it while holding his ears. That boy doesn't cry in pain very much, not even two weeks ago when he had a double ear infection and nasty things oozed out. Of course, maybe he learned that from watching mama crying and holding her ears. But in my defense, I don't have drainage tubes. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

Today Micah had a field trip. Field trips are fun. It was an outdoor field trip, and the boy loves being outdoors. But the weather was to be cool and kind of rainy, which is very unfun for an outdoor field trip. And coupled with the fact that he was crying over ear pain last night, I made the executive decision to keep him home from school today.

You can thank me, locals, for the perfectly awesome weather that we had today. It was neither too hot nor too cool, and there wasn't a rain cloud in the sky until very late this evening.

It seems that no matter what choices I make lately, I make the wrong one. It's becoming a gift. I gave the boy strict instructions that he would be good today if I kept him home. He said he understood, but he'd pretty much agree to anything if it got him out of school. He did unload the dishwasher, feed the dogs, clean up his videos, and pick up his toys for me. And that was all before lunch. After lunch we both ran into town for hair cuts. When I came home I went to the basement to exercise and Micah serenaded me with the crash of cymbals for a good 10 minutes before he decided that playing basketball right beside me was a better option. His aim isn't so good. I only got hit a few times.

And then he got bored while I ran. So he left. While I finished running, he threw a dog bone and a solar light in the pond. He let the dogs out. All of the dogs. Even the corgis in the kennel. He scattered all his videos all over the floor again. He poured himself a glass of soda. And when I came up from the basement just 10 minutes later, he was quietly laying on the floor watching a video on the iPad just like he'd been there the whole time.

That boy can push buttons, let me tell you. He raises the stakes on every game he plays. He's also going to school tomorrow. Unless the weather is crap again, because there's another outdoor field trip.

I can't win at parenting.

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Cindy said...

This post made me laugh. Not sure why. Maybe because I don't have to live at your house? :)