Evil Pink Soul Sucking Shirts

The class color for Micah's track and field day was pink. That means he needed to wear a pink shirt to school for the occasion. He loved pink right up until we were at the store, choosing a pink shirt. I asked him to choose between bright neon pink and bright neon pink with lettering on it. He adamantly pointed to All The Other Colors.

I made the choice of bring neon pink with lettering and held it up to him to determine a fit. As I held it up to his back he drooped his shoulders and hunched forward, shrinking away from the evil pinkness that was trying to touch him.

That was Monday evening.

This morning I set out his bright neon pink with lettering shirt for school and he immediately decided that he'd march that thing upstairs and trade it out for Anything Else. The Anything Else of choice was a red plaid button down shirt. He even demonstrated newly acquired fine motor skills in buttoning a few of the tiny buttons himself. He was that kind of serious about wearing Anything Else. Pink is evil.

I tried calmly explaining that it was track and field day, and that he'd be playing games outside, and all the other kids would be wearing pink shirts, too. Just like he wore a green shirt on Monday to play games. And all the while I was replacing his red plaid shirt with the bright neon pink with lettering shirt. I pulled the pink abomination over his head but that's all the further he went with it. He walked around the rest of the morning with his arms stuck inside his shirt because he was NOT going to actually put it on. Or put his arms in the sleeves. That pink shirt was sucking the soul right out of him. He'd probably be dead by the time he got to school anyway.

I finally told him there was no choice in the matter and that pink soul-sucking shirts must be worn, so we compromised. He put his arms in the sleeves, then put the red plaid shirt on over top. And had me button it the whole way up to his neck so that nobody could see any hint of pink evilness underneath.

And just like I knew would happen, that red plaid shirt was shed in .00003 seconds flat once he saw the entire class wearing bright neon pink shirts. That kid is all about conformity, and mostly it's a very good thing.

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Susannesusannadanna said...

I needed a good laugh! Thanks for sharing....Micah is adorable and you are a most gifted writer!

Blessings, Susanne