The Fanny..... Yeah. I Can't Even Go There.

I spent the weekend being sick. I think I'm more sick than I've ever been before. Even when I had bronchitis and a sinus infection together. I had no idea that ears could hurt like this, and coupled with another sinus infection, it's been very unfun. I slept a lot. That's pretty much it.

I did go to Micah's soccer game on Saturday (the first of the season!) and watched him score the first goal. And then watched as he stood aside while playing defense and let the opposing team score a goal so that he could cheer them for their goal made. He's all about fairness in having fun. I watched from the car, because the cold air and wind were unpleasant on the ears. And I was so sick I didn't even take my camera. Yeh. I was THAT sick. So I have no photos to share.

So here's something for you to contemplate while I work on getting better.  A fanny pack lunch box. You're welcome.

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wendy said...

How sweet of Micah to let the other team have their moment of glory too!! Claire will start playing soccer for the first time next week.. I hope she likes it and has fun.. Hope your feeling better soon! Wendy