And Then He Said...

This is the summer that Micah's speech is taking off. I may or may not have said that in past summers, but if I did, this summer far surpasses those summers. This summer, we actually understand a lot of what Micah is saying, and its so very amazing to us. And this summer Micah is using more signs than ever before, which is also amazing to us. Communication is such a very good thing.

And you know what else is coming along with Micah's speech? His sense of humor. My gosh, that boy cracks himself up. He'll ask to go to Grandma' house, and I'll tell him no. So he'll say, "Grandma yes" to counter me. This can go on for an hour if I'd play his game. And sometimes I do, for all of three and a half minutes because when you're arguing with kids (even good naturedly) three and a half minutes feels like an eternity. Or an hour. Whichever.

Today was another "Grandma's house" day (because every day is in Micah's mind) and he spent all day asking to go. Except that part of the day when he took time out from asking to pack his bag.  For the record, I spend all day saying, "No, Micah, Grandma works today."

And then daddy left for work, and because of newfound speech skills, a crisis was averted. Here's what this situation would have looked like last year:

Daddy saying goodbye and heading outside to get in his car for work.
Micah running out of the house yelling "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH."
Daddy backing out of the drive and leaving for work.
Micah having meltdown in the driveway because daddy left.
Family consoling Micah, saying that daddy would be back. And wondering why the heck he freaked out, because he never does that when daddy leaves for work.

Same scenario this year, that actually happened today:

Daddy saying goodbye and heading outside to get in his car for work.
Micah running out of the house yelling, "Dad! Dad! Dad! Stop!"
Dad stopped.
Micah popped the trunk and retrieved his suitcase that he stored there in hopes of going to Grandma's house.
Dad backing out of driveway to leave for work.
Micah yelling, "Dad! Dad! Dad!"
Dad stopped car. "What, buddy?"
"Thank you."
Of course that's the translated version of what was said, because if I wrote it out the way it was pronounced you'd all be, "whaaaa?" But the fact is that we were able to understand that enough to translate for the general public. And that is the most amazing thing ever.

Stand back. This boy is going places this summer.

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wendy said...

This is GREAT!! I wish Claire talked more to other people, she mostly only talks to us and hides her face if someone asks her anything.