The Bridges of Somerset County

One of my summer goals was to visit all the covered bridges there are in the county. We've got our fair share of them. Ten to be exact. There are two within walking distance of our place, but it's a good hike so biking would be better. Or driving, since fairly major hills are involved and I'm generally a "bike on the flat" kind of person. But the point is, they're close. And we visited them earlier this spring when Luke and I went to take some pictures.

That's the Barronvale Bridge. It's next door neighbor (sort of) is Kings Bridge.

I know. They look shockingly similar.

Over the weekend, we found ourselves without kids. Instead of taking a much needed Sunday afternoon nap, I made Sam drive me to see a few more bridges. I also took that opportunity to attempt to use my compass app. The official verdict is that I'm far too uneducated to use a compass for navigation, and after trying far too hard I just decided I'd delete the app rather than hurt myself trying to use it. I'm incredibly inept at technical things. Or compasses. So now we know that geocaching is probably going to be completely out of the question for our family. Unless one of my brilliant children can figure out a compass.

I'm also glad for the Google Maps app.

Sam knew where the Burkholder Bridge was, so that's the one we tried using the compass with. Knowing where you're going when you're not sure what the directional thingymajig isn't telling you much is always a good thing.

I'm seeing a trend here. All the bridges are painted red and white. And freshly updated as well. Whoever is in charge of them has been on top of things. And can come to my house to paint our various projects as well.

From Burkholder, we used Google Maps to get us to the Glessner Bridge. And sure enough, it looked very much like the others. Not that I was expecting anything less.

And it was about at this point that I realized if you've seen one covered bridge, you've pretty much seen them all. And I wondered why, really, I was visiting them all except to check them off my list. So I may or may not get to the other six this summer because I'm okay with being a quitter sometimes.

When I was having this revelation, I decided to photograph flowers. Flowers never get old, and they're far more unique than bridges are. Can you tell I've grown up around here and am a bit jaded to all the fun touristy things? It's kind of sad, really. 

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