It's Time We Signed

This summer has seen an interest in sign language, so we're taking advantage of it. I mean, if Micah was making up his own signs, we'd at least be sure to teach him the right ones. This, of course, meant that we had to learn them ourselves.

YouTube is my best friend for this.

But there's that whole thing where Micah makes up his own signs. And my BFF YouTube isn't very helpful with that. Sometimes it is, though. Like that sign Micah makes when he wants a Coke. He has a newfound love for Coke, that boy does. He makes the sign for the color black when he wants a Coke. Genius, really, because Coke is kind of blackish. I found that it was the sign for black on YouTube, so I went to YouTube to find the sign for soda pop. Re-teaching. That's what we're doing.

There was a problem with soda pop, though. Here's what YouTube showed me.

I'll wait while you go look that up. You did, right? So then you saw the soda part of soda pop? Yeh. I have a bit of a problem with that sign, because we have teenagers up in here and that would be misconstrued for all sorts of things that it shouldn't. So then I had a genius idea. I'd just have him ask for a Coke, because he loves Coca-Cola.

But YouTube, that crazy new BFF of mine, said that there's no sign for Coca-Cola, but there is one for coke. You know, the kind that you shoot in your arm illegally.  And the sign for it looks like you're actively shooting up. That is so very NOT happening.

So pretty much we drink pop here. That's what we decided. It can be black pop, but it's not soda pop or Coke. Sign language has spoken.


Flea said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my. You lucky, lucky girl. I think you should stick with soda pop. Infinitely more fun to explain to grandma and the minister.

paperdaisy said...

LOL, welcome to this crazy world I live in. Ada signs just "pop" because we still have that problem of "she is still only four and sometimes her fingers don't always do what we show her, haha"