Life With Micah

When Micah is involved, life in general is very different. Vacations are no different. Sometimes the whole vacation is thrown off schedule just because Micah would not approve of something we had planned. And sometimes, the family just does what they need to in order to make sure that both Micah and the rest of the family are as happy as can be in a situation.

At Disney, Micah was not a fan of fireworks or live shows. This was a bummer to the family, so I kept the boy entertained in gift shops or counting lizards or generally avoiding costumed characters and loud noises while the rest of the family enjoyed what Micah could not. It worked for us, although it wasn't the ideal way we planned to vacation.

In Maine, we were very unsure of whether Micah would like boats or not. We had two cruises booked as well as a water ferry to an island. We started with the water ferry and progressed up to the longest of the cruises, just in case the boy decided that rocking on water wasn't his thing. That would give us time to cancel two reservations if we needed to. Fortunately, the boy loved water. A little too much. He nearly freaked the captain out by hanging over the rail. No worries; I had a handful of shirt grasped in my hand at all times. No, he wasn't happy about that at all. No, I didn't care a bit. Safety is of utmost importance. Duh.

And then there are things like this.

Being with Micah means that life happens at a slower pace. Remember what it's like to have a 2 year old? Remember how they want to scan all the things at the self check out, and it takes 58 times longer than it should and OH MY GOSH PLEASE JUST LET ME DO IT ALREADY but you kind of have to just let kids do it themselves because that's how they learn? And remember how you can't just walk from Point A to Point B because LOOK, SOMETHING SHINY! 

That's how it is with Micah. Exactly. And that picture is an example of how we can't just walk from the van to the ferry port because we will be halfway there and realize that Micah isn't following us, then we'll have to go back and look for him. He will be posing beside the crocodile holding an ice cream cone, actually asking me to take his picture with it. He will be so fascinated with the crocodile holding an ice cream cone that he won't even think to ask if he can have ice cream, he'll just stand there and admire it. And I'll eventually have to hurry him along because there are places to go and things to do. But Micah is our kid, so we have to remember to schedule extra time to accommodate him just being himself.


LEsherick said...

That's a Awesome picture, love it! said...

Perfect! And the picture is precious, even more so because it was important to Micah to take it.