The 16 Year Old And Finger Drama

Josh turned 16 on June 22nd. He did not get his driver's permit that day, although he had plans to. Instead, he was at the emergency room having his broken finger taken care of. And then life just kind of kept happening and happening and he just never did get in to get his permit test taken.

And that broken finger, for crying out loud, has been a nightmare. It was a Saturday that he broke his finger, and had it casted on Monday. That cast was foretold to fall off when the swelling went down, and it did on Saturday. The next Monday he was in for a second cast. One that was to last a while and help the finger heal. Two days later he was doing things he shouldn't have been doing and shifted the broken tip of his finger inside the cast. I could tell by the pain on his face that it wasn't good. He was at the doctor's the next day to have it re-set. Again. This time a hand cast was put on as a reminder to just be careful with it.

He's a 16 year old boy. That doctor is delusional.

That hand cast was on 10 days and was filthy when it was cut off. Also, hay came out of it. The boy works on farms. The finger hadn't even started to heal yet, but at least the bones were being held in place. A finger cast was put on again. That was Friday a week ago. The very next day, Micah smacked Josh's casted finger off a plate glass window and crushed the tip of the cast.

This finger is doomed to never heal.

So last Monday morning we were at the doctor's office at 8AM to get the cast looked at, because Josh was leaving for camp at 9AM. It was determined that if the crumbling should continue down the cast and it was rendered useless and came off, a splint should be put on and firmly taped up. That cast came off the very next day. I think his excuse was, "it got kinda wet in the shower." No joke, Sherlock.

And then the very next day after that he smashed the finger in a game of something that he most likely shouldn't have been playing. The boy can take pain like a boss, and if he asked for a few Advil to help numb his finger's throbbing, that tells me that bad things happened.

The day the kids got back from camp we headed to southern Maryland for a family picnic. And then we got home late Sunday evening and he's been wearing a finger splint all week so far. He has another appointment on Friday to get another cast, and I expect his doctor won't be any too happy with the state of his finger.

But the good news is that more than a month after his birthday, Josh is now an officially permitted driver. We carved time out of this crazy life and the finger drama, and finally got him to the DMV. Congrats, Josh, on passing the test on your first try. Now the fun begins, with mama screaming like a shrew to SLOW DOWN ALREADY.

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Cindy said...

That's a lot of casts! At least you're keeping the doctor in business. :)

And driving... I have all girls and they were almost too cautious when learning to drive. My husband says I wouldn't have been able to handle boys. :)