Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

We are in the process of shuffling all the phones here, and the eventual plan is to not have a house phone any longer. This is a source of stress for me. Partly because changing phone numbers for everyone and everything is a royal pain. I know, because we just did this a few years back when we changed the house phone to a cell plan. And that's actually the reason it's stressful for me. Inevitably, I will forget to contact a few important someones that our number has been changed and it won't matter at all right up until Children's needs to get in touch with us because of blood labs that come back abnormal. Or something.

In this phone change-up process, the end goal is to have my phone be the new house phone. (Fun, no?) I will be the one fielding all calls from everyone all day long. They will find me no matter where I am, because I will carry it with me 24/7. I do not do that with my cell phone now. In fact, it stays in my purse all the time. If you want me, call the house phone. But since that will no longer be an option, I will have to make my phone a part of me. Much like I did my iPod Touch. That thing was my lifeline. My grocery list, my to-do list, my calendar, my Words With Friends games, email, budget apps, my Starbucks balance at a fingertip... You know, big important things that I can't possibly live without for even one second.

I made the decision that I was going to treat myself to an iPhone. I was so in love with my iTouch, and I thrive on familiarity. I bought a used one on eBay (because it's what I do) and bought a Square Trade warranty for it (because it's smart). It did turn out to be a smart thing, because recently that phone started distorting incoming calls. Some calls will be just fine, and others will sound like the teacher in a Charlie Brown movie, with the volume turned down so low I can never be sure if I was prank called or if the phone isn't working again. Thank goodness for that warranty.

So I filed a claim for the phone, and plugged in all the pertinent information. They said they didn't have a 16gb phone to replace mine with, so they'd send a 32gb instead. Would that be alright? (Let me think about that - HECK YEAH.)

And then, after receiving the email notification that my 32gb replacement phone was shipped and on it's way to me, I realized that my phone was not a 16gb, but just a lowly 8gb. I am so blonde. And a total idiot. But not a scam artist. So I emailed the warranty company and explained myself, and asked what I should do about the phone on it's way to me. Refuse it at the door? Return it to them? I'm sure they had an 8gb in stock, and they could send that one to me.

But they didn't answer my email, and the delivery was scheduled for that morning, so I called the number given and started all over. What I should do about the phone on it's way to me? Refuse it at the door? Return it to them? I'm sure they had an 8gb in stock, and they could send that one to me. And I will give mad props to the customer service agent that I talked to for not laughing at me, making blond jokes while he had me on the line, or making audible eye rolls. Instead, after talking to a supervisor, he said the good news was that I could just go ahead and keep the 32gb that would be delivered in a few hours.

So the moral of the story is that honesty pays. And blond can't be cured.

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