That Stings

It's been raining a lot this summer, and while there's a lot that we didn't get to do because of the wet and soggy that's going on everywhere, it sure makes it easy to weed the gardens. Micah was on the patio playing while I was busily pulling things that have no right to be growing here. It took all day to pull weeds because I kind of let things get out of hand this summer. It seems that I can either re-design the landscape or keep gardens free of weeds. One is far more fun than the other. I'm sure you can understand. But the good news is that my gardens are now weed free. And in need of mulching.

Question: can I put the wood shavings mixed with shredded paper from the chicken coop in the gardens as mulch? Something needs done with it. The wood shavings is equal to wood chip mulch, right? Does it work that way?

So anyhoo...

While I was in the gardens, zoned out in my happy place, I heard Micah cry. I looked up to find him holding his face, and then he ran into the house. Turns out, bees made a nest a tube of the wooden wind chime and Micah was ringing the chimes. The bee in charge of building didn't take too kindly to having his door bell rung,

Micah wiped off the baking soda paste that I put on the sting, and wouldn't let me even attempt anything else in the way of help. He chose to wrap himself in a blanket on the couch (on a hot and humid day) with a wet paper towel on his wee cheek, and watch a movie. It's his happy place for when he's not feeling well. Poor boy. But in 30 minutes time, he was out the door and playing again and the only side effect was a small red spot where the bee got the best of him.

And then he woke up Friday morning and his eye was swollen and rather squinty looking. Soooo not good. It didn't seem to bother him at all, but I gave him Benadryl regardless. When the meds wore off, however, it started itching him. And he rubbed at it. And it got red and more swollen. Sooooo not good. Again. And because it was so close his nose, and consequently his airways, and there was swelling involved, I chose to get a doctor involved. I may choose to wear a huge and lifelong scare on my shin because medical attention for myself isn't first and foremost, but I don't take chances with my kids, yo.

So it was determined that Micah is allergic to bees. Fabulous. It's a slight reaction for someone who's allergic, but a reaction nonetheless. I kind of wonder if it has something to do with his first encounter with bees. My poor babe stepped in a nest of bees and was swarmed. He was stung no less than half a dozen times, and while he was uncomfortable, he had no adverse reaction. So did he get so much venom from that experience that he developed an allergy? Who knows. But we'll just have to be careful in future with the boys, and be grateful for the epi-pen that Sam has on hand because of his new allergy to bees.

It really has been a fun summer up in here. School starts this week.  Can summer just end then, and all it's unluck with it?

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