Happy Labor Day

I've been working on Becky's senior photos over the weekend. We're almost done, just a few more shots that we need to get in places that we don't have locally. (The awesome thing about your mom doing your senior portraits is that you don't have to do them all in one sitting.) Today, Josh went along to help out as needed. It's always a bonus to have someone there to do things like fetching the other lens, or holding the reflector, or letting us know when cars are coming because we're playing on the road.

There weren't any cars. Country roads are awesome.

There was this guy, though.

He ran across the top of the hill and into the woods. Quite quickly, I might add. I'm thinking I'll add a red nose to him, zoom in a bit, and make that our Christmas card.

But as fun as that photo is, my very favorite one of the day (and Becky took some AWESOME pictures) was this one. Brothers are always there to tuck the stray hair behind your ear when the pesky wind picks up again and you have a handful of glitter and can't do it yourself.

I hope your Labor Day is filled with the magic of family helping each other and laughing together, just like I know ours will be.

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