I Can't Hold Down A Thought. I Think It Shows.

I'm not really sure how it happened, but Tuesday turned into Friday, and no blogging happened between there. Kinda not cool. I blame the puppies. Those puppies have my brain addled. Mostly from the Really Super Overtired they cause me, and partly because of the Really Super Overcuteness they have going on. Who can focus with these things in the house?

And if, somehow, you'd find it possible to focus on anything other than those bundles of cute, you'd for sure be distracted by these.

The good news is that both Claire and Darla are making milk enough to completely sustain their respective families. It's more than I could ever say I did, so I give them major props for that. Producing milk was never my strong suit. I'm glad the dogs are better at it though, because that means I am not setting my alarm to go off every 2 hours round the clock anymore. I'd shout "Yeah, me!" but I'm too tired to do anything more than just think it inside my head. Quietly. And gratefully. Mostly grateful because we haven't lost any puppies in over a week. That hurts; I'm not gonna lie.

The house cleaning is coming along. I'm kinda glad I blog because I have zero clue of an idea what I did on Monday. I read that I cleaned out the toy bins, so I'm grateful that it happened. Becky cleaned the pantry, and that was so very appreciate. And much needed. The walk-in pantry tends to be a catch-all for clutter when company comes. 

I rearranged a few pieces of furniture, delegated some to the basement, brought some up out of basement retirement, and re-thought the home's business center and toy areas. I am sad to report that this took me an entire day to do. Kindly remember that Really Super Overtired that I have going on.

And I've been trying to entertain the small boys this week, too. Last night, for instance, we went to Walmart for Command 3M hangers. I rock the awesome good times, man. Other kids are jealous of my kids' cool mom. But to make up for last night (and Wednesday, when we pretty much mustered enough energy to get to church without falling asleep at the wheel), I took them to Chuck E. Cheese's tonight, then to see a movie. See? I can be a cool mom.

This weekend I have super awesome plans of watching puppies sleep. It will be largely non productive, and therefore awesome.

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