And That's Tuesday

I wrote yesterday's post before calling it a night and heading to bed. But while I was done with Monday, Monday wasn't done with me. I was laying in bed at 10:50 last night when Josh came busting through our door with a look of pure fear on his face.

That's never good. Boys do bad things all the time and have no remorse or regret. It's the way boys are engineered. And by bad things, I'm talking about things that aren't horribly bad but happen on a daily basis like breaking things or eating what doesn't belong to them or breaking things.

Turns out, breaking a nose will freak Josh out. And I think it was because it was he who did the breaking and felt like dog poo on the bottom of a shoe. Josh and the nephew were wrestling and Josh kneed Quincey in the face. They talked extensively about the sound it made and how gruesome it was to hear.

So Monday was the clear winner yesterday.

This morning (Tuesday) I kept Quincey and Micah home and scheduled doctor appointments for them. I learned that one doesn't set a broken nose until it's been broken for 5-7 days, but we needed an x-ray on the schnoz before the ENT could determine a plan of action, so we headed to the hospital. The unofficial verdict is a crack in the cartilage but we haven't heard from a doctor yet. The honker is clearly displaced though. And rather crooked. I find it rakish, myself.

Micah didn't get such fun news, though. His cold settled into his lungs and while I wasn't given an official diagnosis, I'm going with bronchitis. He's fever free, so that's good news at least. He'll be on breathing treatments every 4 hours, and has to choke down antibiotics and steroids several times daily to help him disperse the lung gunk. Since he's not eating a thing (which in itself tells you how really sick he is) I predict bad things will happen to his stomach since the steroid says to take it with milk or food. But it's the other warning on the steroid that worries me. The one that says it'll weaken his immune system and make him susceptible to contagious diseases while he's on it. That is the reason I'm keeping the boy home for the rest of the week, because I don't want him getting worse than he already is. I don't trust that the antibiotics would be enough to completely ward off other nasties. Plus, sending that nebulizer back and forth to school daily would be a real drag. It'll be far easier to leave Micah home daily with me.

Did I mention that while at the hospital I noticed that I was wearing my slippers? Yeh. I was. Monday found a way to invade Tuesday. That's just stellar, huh? I am pretending that nobody noticed they were slippers, and that it's perfectly acceptable to wear slippers into town.

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