Lost: A Caring Mother

Micah has this really bad, horrible, no-good cold and I let him stay home today. Mostly to spend the day with me, but also to let him have a relaxing day to recover and rest. Priorities, n'at.

The boy mostly runs around the house sans clothing, sporting his oversized boxers, but today he actually kept his long sleeved pajamas on all day long. He's that kind of sick. And I didn't even have to force him to take his cold meds because he took them willingly because he felt that miserable with this nasty cold. 

And then we went to Josh's end-of-season golf banquet this evening and Micah changed out of his pajamas into a three-layer tee, button-down, and vest. I didn't make him put long sleeves on because he was sporting so many layers. The boy is a mini furnace, so despite the snow storm we had this afternoon, he would be good.

Yes, we had a mini blizzard this afternoon. On October 24th. Welcome to Somerset County, at the very top of the Laurel Highlands. 

So we got to the restaurant where the banquet was held and I realized that Micah didn't have a coat. Despite three layers, he had bare arms in a snow storm. I'm not sure who that child's mother is, but she needs to be far more concerned for his welfare than she is. 

And then we went to Walmart to get bleach and milk (the staples of life) and Micah felt the need to strip his sweater vest. And then his button-down. And then he took his socks off, because apparently wearing both shoes and socks was just too much. So he walked out of Walmart into a snow storm wearing a short sleeved tee and shoes without socks, and the silly boy didn't even claim to be cold. 

I checked for fever. It was nonexistent. So explain to me how a kid his size can produce heat enough to keep himself warm in a snow storm in October, before he's had time to acclimate to the cold? If he gets pneumonia over the weekend, let it be noted that I'm not his mother. And she needs to be alerted to his state of undress because clearly she needs to care far more than she does.

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