The Gift of the Year

Getting Christmas gifts for Micah is difficult. The boy plays with his favorite toys and pretty much doesn't branch out. The Toy Story gang are top of the list, and then in no particular order after that are golf balls, the Veggie Tales gang, the gaggle of rubber duckies, toy guns, and dress up clothes. We keep other things around like trucks and cars that he'll play with occasionally enough to warrant taking up space.

Luke was in the school play, The Wizard of Oz, this spring as a scarecrow and a flying monkey. Micah was freaked out by it (because he doesn't like plays at all) but was so thrilled that his brother was in it that he now watches the movie version almost every single day. The Tin Man is his favorite person ever, so I got him this.

This will be his Halloween costume, provided he actually wears it to trick or treat in. Usually he likes wearing pajamas to collect candy in, but that's a story for another day.

So I had the super fabulous idea to get Micah Wizard of Oz toys to play with for Christmas. And then realized very soon after that idea hit that Oz toys are hard to find. Amazon is always a go-to because you can find everything there. For a price. But I wasn't paying $30 for four 3" plastic people. I figured that I had time to look around since Christmas was still a few months away, so I didn't hit panic mode yet. 

I took Micah out for a classy dinner at McDonald's the other evening. People, Happy Meals are now featuring these: 

You may be able to imagine my excitement over those toys, but there's no way you can fathom what Micah's reaction was. He had the entire restaurant smiling at his out loud enthusiasm. And of course he chose the Tin Man for his Happy Meal, but sadly the store didn't have any in stock. It was then that I decided that these would be his Christmas present. They are affordable, he loves them immensely, they'll stand up and be easy for him to grip and pose, and it's the entire set. Wins all around! And I'm not even ashamed that I'm gifting my ten year old Happy  Meal toys for his most exciting gift of the Christmas season. 

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Hey, there is absolutely no shame if giving the boy exactly what you know he will love most! What an awesome find!