The Tin Man Lives!

It's Halloween. This is the first year we've gotten Micah in a costume in a while. This is all my fault, of course.

That year he had pajamas that looked like Sheriff Woody was the problem. I thought they would make a super cute costume for Micah, and as a bonus he could just come home and go to bed. And it was a good idea, because sometimes I have those. But we didn't know until 365 days later that it wasn't as great of an idea as all that because I succeeded in confusing the child.

The next year, I had a super fabulous costume for the boy to wear, but I have no idea what it was because he never wore it. Instead, when he saw everyone getting dressed up and grabbing their trick-or-treating buckets, he de-costumed and donned pajamas. Since that was also the height of his Super Stubborn Phase, it didn't click with me that he thought trick-or-treating should happen in pajamas since that what the did the previous year. Instead, I thought he was being Super Stubborn, and since I didn't have time to take on a battle at the last minute I simply cut the sleeve off a sweatshirt and made him a stocking cap to go with it. That year, he was The Boy Who Was Ready For Bed.

So this year we finally got Micah in a costume again. The Tin Man was a clear winner as he actually wore it. Proudly. The weather wasn't bitterly cold for once (we've had snow on Halloween 3 years running, but not this year!) so I knew he'd get pretty warm if he was fully dressed under the costume. I put a gray shirt on him since the costume doesn't exactly close in the back as well as all that, and let him go pantsless inside his fabric tin can. We hit the trunk-or-treat at a church in town where it started to rain a bit. I worried about my camera and my sick boy, so after that we went to grandma's house to warm up and dry off before heading out again. Except Micah doesn't like wet clothes, or being hot, so he shed his costume and got comfy. The other kids slipped out into the chilly evening to collect more candy when Micah's was distracted with other things, and the boy hung out in his underwear all evening. It was a win for everyone.

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Cindy said...

You're hilarious! Loved this!