Manners, Please

Micah uses his talker mostly at school. Some days we're a little concerned that he should use it more at home, and some days we're all, "meh, we encourage talking here so it's all good." Not that the school doesn't encourage talking. They do. A lot. And it's been awesome. But at home we've decided that he can use it when he wants to, and if he doesn't that's his prerogative, too.  Mostly he doesn't. He uses it regularly to ask to go to grandma's house, and almost as frequently to ask for food. Two eggs, bacon, toast, water, and tv to be exact. Meaning he wants to eat all that in front of the tv.

So yesterday he used his words to ask for two eggs, toast and water. We were out of bacon. And then he walked to his talker and said, "FASTER."

Sheesh. Give a kid a Voice and he gets all kinds of sassy with it.

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Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Love it! Did I tell you we got an iPod with proloquo2go from the school this year!? She's been bringing it he for about a week now. She doesn't use it a lot yet. We're still on the learning phase.