Not To Be That Mom...

Luke is part of the Forensics Club this year. Back in our day, this would have been called the Debate Team. Somewhere along the line it became Forensics. The Wiki-def of "forensics" is "gathering evidence to prove something," so maybe they're good at gathering evidence to prove they're right. Or good. But I'm just pointing out that the Forensics Club has nothing to do with solving crimes. Sadly. Because that would be kind of awesome.

Luke doesn't debate, either. I know. This is all kind of a let-down. He does, however, read poetry. While trying not to sound like a proud mom, I think he does it pretty well, too. He has a natural flair for adding drama to readings, which makes it fun to listen to him. For a 7th grader, it's pretty good. For a 7th grade boy, it's kind of even better. Most boys aren't into that kind of thing. At least boys around here aren't.

The Forensics Club went to a competition after school, and Luke gussied himself all up in black dress pants and a white shirt with a faux tie and prayed he didn't spill food on himself at lunch because he's my kid. I wished him luck and sent him to school and went on with the day. I went into town and spent most of the day running errands, and when I got home Becky pointed out the black notebook on the counter that had Luke's poem in it. I grabbed it and ran out the door but thankfully checked my watch before actually getting to the van. He said they were leaving school at 1:30 for the competition, and it was 2:30. Drat. I prayed that he realized what he forgot and was able to print off another copy of his reading.

Thankfully that very thing happened. 

And Luke came home at 9pm that night with a third place ribbon. Not too bad for his very first competition in public reading. In fact, it's pretty awesome. Not to sound like a proud mom or anything, but that boy rocks.

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Flea said...

Love the ribbon! Congratulations, Luke! LOVE the fake tie!