Crafty Gone Not Right

That thing called Pinterest is more of a time suck than a motivator. Darn Pinterest. I have a definite love hate relationship with it. It's stellar for providing ideas for just about anything I need an idea for, but on the flip side, it reminds me that there are far more talented people out there than I am, and fails to tell me that whatever it is I'm going to attempt will be a dismal failure.

My newest discovery has been in the Christmas department, because its that time of year. I've got Christmas balls in every shape, size, and color known to man in 5 gallon buckets and Rubbermaid crates, in multiples. I've got ornaments to spare for experimenting is what I'm saying. So when I found fun things to do with my ornaments, I was all over that.

It sounds simple. Take hot glue and make a swirly design on your ornament.

Done. That wasn't hard at all, and was rather fun. Having somewhere to hang them until they dry would have been awesome. I used the branches of a small tree nearby, but occasionally they'd touch a branch and then hot glue would string from here to there and make a stringy mess. There would be spider-web-like strands all over the ornaments, and they were nearly impossible to pick off. I hoped it didn't show up too badly when they were done.

But it did. It showed up after I spray painted them in a hammered metal bronze finish. The finished product actually looks better than it does in the photo, but you can see how the glue webs really were in the way of a great design.

But I've got ideas for more designs, too. I kind of liked the ornaments before they were sprayed, with just the glue on them. That could be an option. But what if I sprinkled with with glitter while the glue was still hot? A raised glitter design would be so fun, no?

Stay tuned to see the results of me messing those up, too. And happy crafting!


Heidi said...

oooohhhhh! I LOVE THEM!!!!

wendy said...

How pretty ! your doing a great job!!!

Cindy said...

Those actually look pretty good! You should start a Pinterest Ideas I've Actually Tried board. I have one and it's been fun to try some of these things and post them so all of my 'uncrafty' friends can enjoy. :)

Hey, if WE can do it... am I right?!?