Ah, the 26th of December. The other Black Friday. The day people shove and elbow their way through crowded aisles to score Christmas clearance items that they didn't really need in the first place.

Yes, I'm one of them.

I got a tree for $15 at Salvation Army. It's the second nicest tree I have, even if the pre-strung lights don't work. I needed to replace a tree, and this was a definite upgrade.

Justification. It's the way I roll.

I got 8 rolls of wrapping paper for $10. I have a stock of wrapping paper in the closet that I thought would last pretty much until the zombie apocalypse, but turns out I used most of it this year. Those 8 rolls were definitely needed.

I introduced my mother-in-law to Chipotle. Its always a win when Chipotle is involved.

There were ornaments and tags and half-priced candy involved. Exchanges and returns and after-holiday things galore. Leftovers for dinner, because I've cooked enough to feed a few small armies recently.

And while it was all a ton of fun, there's nothing quite like coming home to relax with the family around the living room, lit only by the light of a few Christmas trees.

The best thing about the holidays are the simple things.

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