Shrimp and Santa

Micah is so excited about Christmas. I love this so much. It's taken 10 years for him to reach the point where he's gotten this excited about the holiday. In the past he ranged anywhere from "I have absolutely no clue what day it is, and care even less" to "I see gifts so a fun day is coming soon, but I'll be content to watch a movie right now." But this year he's been so sure that Santa is coming every single day that I finally had to do a countdown on a calendar to help him know when, exactly, the Great Day is coming. The countdown went:

1. Church Day
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Santa

We were at the grocery store today getting some post-vacation pantry fillers when Micah spotted the shrimp. He spots shrimp pretty quickly because he's always looking for it. That boy loves shrimp. A lot. My answer is generally "No. We're not getting shrimp." But today I thought shrimp on Christmas Eve would be nice, so I made the boy's whole entire day and said, "Sure." He gladly tossed his prize into the cart. And then came home and asked to eat it.




How about now?

So I went to the calendar and showed him the days. Today is Monday. See?

1. Monday
2. Shrimp
3. Santa

He put the shrimp back in the fridge and went to play. And then came back to show me the calendar. Today, shrimp, Santa. "Yes."

So that's the line-up. Shrimp is just as exciting to Micah as Santa is. His week is terribly exciting.

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