My Birthday Surprise

My birthday started out really super awesome because the kids are off school. I love having my kids home with me. And it got far better right off the bat because Micah slept in, which means that I got to sleep in. I was awake fairly early because I'm a morning person, but just lounging in bed reading email, planning the day and reading God's Word is always nice. It beats having to get up before your brain is really awake and forcing Micah to comply with getting dressed and going to school.

While I was doing some reading, Micah walked in my room carefully carrying a plate. My first thought was, "wow, the kids were super quiet because I didn't even hear anyone making breakfast." Yes, my kids are awesome enough to get up early on a day off school to make me breakfast in bed just because its my birthday.

And then Micah walked over to the bed and I saw that the plate was what he didn't finish of his spaghetti from lunch the day before. It was dried into a pile of small, crunchy red strings. I laughed so hard. So maybe my kids aren't really that awesome on my birthday. And maybe I shouldn't let Micah eat all over the house so that he lets dishes lie around for a few days.


Cindy said...

Too funny! That's a breakfast surprise, indeed!

wendy said...

How funny! I always liked having my kids home from school too! no schedule to follow, etc. anyway I hope your birthday was great!