So I've Become A Tailor?

I have found a new hobby. Kind of. I've been sewing forever, and even have that Etsy store where I sew for the kids all over the world, but it has never occurred to me to sew for the dogs.

Yes, I'm slower than molasses in a January blizzard at times. I've just accepted it.

So I opened another Etsy store last week. I spent all week sewing collars and coats for dogs. There's a huge market for things like that, and I love dogs and sewing, so it only made sense to me. Finally. The huge market will probably dry up like a puddle in a drought now that I've finally jumped on board because that's the way things go. But for now, I'm really having a good time.

I had no idea that making dog coats was so much fun. The house work has been neglected, the kids are fending for themselves in the food department (which isn't any different than any other day, because when I feed the pack of teen boys, they want to eat 5 minutes after getting up from the table), and the dogs are wondering why they never see me while I hide myself away in the sewing room. But making tiny coats has become a passion. Trimming them has so engrossed my mind that I lay awake at night wondering how I can use that button or on what coat that buckle would look best. I've been losing sleep over this. That can't be good, right?

But there's a store to stock, so while my passion is burning strong, I'm taking advantage of all the midnight oil that I can find to burn. There are dog coats to be made!

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